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Export / Import Transportation Warehousing Customs Clearance
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Ocean and surface transport costs are excessive and create a major barrier to foreign market. Transport infrastructure, such as ports, ICDs, CFSs, etc., plays an essential role in facilitation international trade, constituting as they do the main interface between ocean transport and surface transport. The level of infrastructure development and the quality of services are major factors in the cost of transportation.
The major component of export transport logistics cost are:
Labour charges for handling, stowing etc
Road transport charges
ICD charges
CFS charges
Port Terminal Handling charges
Clearing charges
Consolidation charges
Liner freight
One of the leading technology-based, licensed import brokers in the industry.We ensure our clients meet full compliance standards and have all necessary documentation to avoid delays and costly penalties. For error-free management and control of your global shipments.
Extensive Customs clearance experience in all areas of inbound and international processes and regulations, including security and HSE
Real-time monitoring and control
Advanced electronic Customs clearance
Accelerated entry process
Pre- and post-shipment audit
Importer Security Filing: 10+2
Consolidation is the practice of combining diverse cargoes into single shipments, to achieve substantial savings on freight costs. In road freight, this is known as groupage.
We gather individual shipments from shippers throughout our operating territory and inventory and consolidate at our regional hubs. We then build detailed consolidated loads in to your receiving locations. This offers cost savings similar to pool distribution. You savings and convenience but still maintain vision into every individual shipment through our detailed receipt and consolidate processes.
Unlike many of our competitors we own our own overland road network, ensuring coherent procedures at all times
Our global scale allows us to provide cost-effective consolidation and groupage services for our customers worldwide
With an unrivalled timetable of international departures, plus door-to-door tariffs and tracking capabilities, our consolidation service is ideal for palletized and loose loaded shipments
We can support you with customs brokerage and customs declarations, cargo inspection, quality control and sorting
Our standardized security procedures ensure your freight receives the highest level of protection.
While a global supply chain enables companies to leverage lower cost manufacturing, there are significant challenges imposed on transportation managers in ensuring products delivered over long distances arrive on time and are distributed to the right locations. Transportation costs are typically 5-6% of a company’s revenue and a major contributor to overall product costs. Better transportation management helps companies improve their overall supply chain efficiency.
Companies today are challenged to streamline their transportation and logistics management processes to maximize efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins. Transportation Management and Logistics Management solutions from Star Air Sea Logisitcs effectively manage the entire closed-loop transportation process — from long-range strategies and operational planning to day-to-day execution.
Transform your business by using Star Air Sea Logisitcs to:
Implement transportation plans driven by consumer demand and replenishment policies
Control costs and streamline productivity
Leverage logistics to support profitable growth
Improve trading partner relationships with effective collaboration
We provide high quality Warehousing Services to our clients. The services are provided to the customers according to their needs and demands. Our services are widely acknowledged for their timely delivery and flexibility. We have a team of expert professionals who supervise the process and ensure that high quality services are provided to the customers. We ensure our customers that the products are very safe in the warehouses till their final distribution. These services are provided to our customers at very reasonable rates and within the specified time frame.
The movement of materials and goods between point of origin and point of use involves storage, transportation, and handling. This is where logistics and warehouse management plays a critical role. By optimizing every link in the supply chain we can ensure that materials reach the production facility or consumer in an efficient and timely manner.
The crux of logistics and warehousing is getting the right goods to the right place at the right time. From production to distribution, manufacturers often have a plant with raw materials on hand and a warehouse nearby where additional materials can be kept.
Some manufacturers have central warehouses that feed smaller local warehouses to optimize distribution routes in major markets. Inaccurate information regarding quantities, storage locations, pricing and identification remain the biggest problem in logistics and warehouse management. These inaccuracies may arise from order adjustments, human handling, long processing procedures, miscalculations, lack of automation, or poor management systems. In addition to these problems, businesses have to be concerned with the flow of products and information both within the business and in the wider supply chain. In order to make products available for end consumers, businesses must manage their logistics and warehousing in terms of product movement and demand management. They need to know what is selling in the stores in order to both anticipate and respond to changes in demand.
Customs Clearing
We are a custom clearing agent offering effective and reliable custom clearing service and custom freight services, to our clients. Right from brokerage, inspection to documentation and to final clearance, we are instrumental in undertaking these services in accordance to the legal procedures. We promise our clients to adhere to the standards recommended by the industry and offer them with customized solutions.
For imports into the United States, we would be happy to advise you on any custom compliance and regulation issues, including:
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Bond Preparation & Maintenance
Classification and binding ruling requests
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Consulting
Cargo insurance preparation
Customs audit consultation
Customs clearance
Customs/Import consultation